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Dashayna Brown
3 min readAug 4, 2020
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Between a global pandemic, politics, and the new normal- its been hectic. It’s been a lot for everyone in differing ways. For the most part we are subject to stay in our homes day to day. For many this looks like increased engagement via technology. We’re reimagining community via socials, entertainment, and how we communicate.

We’re locked in. We’re seeking ways be social despite the physical limitations that are currently in place throughout society for everyone.

In this connectedness we’ve created, there is a tiredness, a draining feeling, that has come with it. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve been feeling overstimulated in efforts to be connected. Anyone else? I’ve come to the conclusion there are two main reasons I’m feeling this way. For one, everyone is home more than usual thus creating a perception of more free time. Additionally, being on social media overall, mirrors the state of the world. In simple terms, where the hell is my break? Multiple interactions, conversations, and bits of informations activating my consciousness has been draining.

It’s important we stay connected to our loved ones and those we need to be in contact with during this time. We need human connection to live. On the same token, it is also important to remember this period of quarantine and staying home does not mean all-access. Social meters run out at home too. We can not assume we know how anyone chooses to spend this time nor can we assume everyone is in a space to talk. Everyone is processing differently. Some people have larger bandwidth for socializing than others. Both are perfectly fine. But if you find yourself feeling burnt out, slow down or make more time for yourself. We all need time to recharge. We deserve time of solitude as we see fit. It’s healthy to have the space to love on, learn about, and pour back into ourselves.

We’re all on socials at the same time, seeing and ingesting tons of information. We’re bombarded with content daily. Some good, some bad, and some terribly ugly. It can seriously be addicting to want to see, know or contribute to what’s available online. But at some point it can become overwhelming. On top of our bad habits of comparing lives and landing in random rabbit holes we now have endless amounts of disturbing content being shared online. We already did but it almost seems to be in excess now since the movement has kicked off again. We are seeing the murder of Black folks shared online, increased missing persons cases, we are reading stories of folks who want their voices heard, who want justice. People are sharing their pain, their trauma, in an attempt to be seen and heard. All of these things make space to occupy our minds but it can’t all fit nor does it all have a place there. We need time away from the noise. Time with our own voice, our own thoughts, and a focus on our own lives.

Take time to unplug. The world is demanding. Everyone wants something from you- attention, time, money, input, effort, energy, etc. Bring the focus back to you. Feeling drained is a sign that we need to reevaluate some things. We need to take a step back, get our spirit up. Go on DND, turn your phone off, skip that TV show, take a rain check. Unplug yourself virtually. Give yourself a break from the world outside of your own. Take care of yourself.

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